If you think business meetings are always boring- then think again! You can make it more interesting and engaging. Productive meetings are only possible when you deviate from the formal business meeting place to informal one. A themed meeting with good sense of humor and sporting attitude actually goes a long way in making even the most uninteresting meetings into interesting ones.  Also, a clear objective of your meeting, things to break the ice between workers and help them get their sense of humor out are essential to get result-oriented business meetings.

Here are some considerations to make while doing business meetings.

  • Meeting solution should be infinitely easier for business team to communicate and it should be more like an effective communication tool.
  • Use the latest revolutionized meeting solutions as they are engineered in such a way that it makes meetings more productive and collaborative.
  • Time is money so meetings should start immediately. There should be no time wasted fiddling with cables or searching for remotes. Work need to begin within seconds.
  • Managers or participants are not likely to be present at the same place or same time zone all the time. So, your business meeting room solution should have a feature to include them as active participant not only passive listeners.
  • Rather than just looking at the content or document, users should be able to collaborate on it. A meeting solution should allow workers to work on any industry application and save the file in its original format.
  • Workers should get an interactive experience from collaborative system and immediately identify the discrepancies within the meeting to make it meaningful.

These aren’t meetings where work is discussed – these are meetings where work gets done.

Below are some practices to create your next generation video conference.

  • Check your room lighting and acoustics. The room should be well-lit with no reflective sources. Use neutral colors. Carpeting also minimizes echoes.
  • Install USB or Bluetooth integrated microphones and speakers. For larger rooms, use distributed microphones with amplified speakers, point speakers away from microphones.
  • Set up a USB HD-camera with or without pan tilt or an HDMI camera with a video capture card.
  • Install your HDTV or dual HD TV’s to display both the speaker and presentation at once.
  • Run cloud service on your computer to start your video conferencing and screen sharing.


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